Introducing Dr. Scott Forney, a Board-Certified Veterinary Cardiologist™

Introducing Dr. Scott Forney, a Board-Certified Veterinary Cardiologist™

In the Fall of 2023, Dr. Scott Forney will open his new practice, Animal Cardiology Specialists of Nevada, where he will continue providing exceptional veterinary cardiology care in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our team is eager to begin seeing patients and would like to introduce you to Dr. Forney, our Board-Certified Veterinary Cardiologist™!


An Introduction to Dr. Forney

My love for veterinary medicine began in 1992 at the age of 15.  I was offered a summer job when my family went to pick up our dog from National Hills Animal Hospital in Augusta, Georgia. Little did I know that my summer job would shape my entire career.  Throughout my undergraduate years at the University of Georgia, I continued working at Athens Animal Hospital, reinforcing my love for animals and solidifying my dedication to this field.


Following college, I was accepted into the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. It was during my freshman year cardiophysiology course that I discovered my passion for cardiology. The intricacies of the cardiovascular system fascinated me, and it continued throughout my schooling. When I pursued a rotating internship at North Carolina State University and decided to continue into specialization, cardiology was the easy choice.  I was fortunate to be accepted into the residency program at the California Animal Hospital in West Los Angeles, where I honed my skills and knowledge in this specialized field.  In 2008, I began practicing in the Las Vegas Area, fulfilling my dream of helping animals in need, particularly in the area of cardiology. It has been a rewarding and fulfilling journey.


After starting in the kennels at the age of 15 and working at many different levels in veterinary practices for over 30 years,  I understand how integral every member of the veterinary team is for the proper care of our patients.  I’m grateful for these opportunities as they have shaped my vision of excellence for Animal Cardiology Specialists of Nevada.


Animal Cardiology Specialists of Nevada

Our team will provide advanced veterinary cardiology services tailored to meet each pet’s unique needs, whether it’s diagnostics, medical management, or specialized treatments while using state-of-the-art technology. We look forward to meeting you and caring for your pet’s needs! Contact our team with any questions!